Franz Ferdinand- Tonight Franz Ferdinand


In 2006, as Franz Ferdinand were flitting between albums, cult group Misty’s Big Adventure released ‘Fashion Parade’. A sly take on the art-pop group, the song’s video showed a gang of young skinny boys dancing similarly to Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Do You Want To’. “We’ve got lots of money!” the song shouts, as the band are seen in striped jumpers throwing cash into the air.
This, and the fact that many found Franz Ferdinand’s second album smug, and a little arrogant may be the reason why Glasgow’s finest have stripped down their latest release. The first single, and first track- ‘Ulysses’ begins with a slow soothing bassline before we’re treated with a wash of synthesisers and a punchy chorus. It’s a slow burner which oozes sleaze as ‘Turn It On’ reverts back to the band’s safe melodies.

 Ultimately the songs do little to stray from the band’s previous output, yet tracks like ‘Live Alone’ and ‘Kiss Me’ are immediate slices of pop. Many could argue Franz Ferdinand are now irrelevant, but it’s hard to place an album as immediately catchy as this in recent times. ‘What She Came For’ is a burst of guitar indie boy rock before pushing into a screeching guitar solo, while ‘Bite Hard’s mix of synths leaves us with a sense of euphoria.
Unfortunately however the one song so purposely designed for dancing- ‘Lucid Dreams’ leaves us cold as we’re left listening to breakdown rave which breaches so far into the stereotypical, we’re left wincing as it develops.
The album then slowly fades away with a series of acoustic tracks- that although beautiful, fail to hold our attention.
 With such a pop induced album it’s a slight disappointment to find there’s no grand finale- but then we press play and the immediate rush returns. As we listen again for the seventh time the Misty’s Big Adventure caricatures not only look dated but immature. You can call the new Franz Ferdinand smug and arrogant but this album will be played countless times in months to come.


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